Better injury care.
Lower claims cost.

Superior claims management for workplace injuries.

The philosophy behind Salus’ revolutionary claims protocol is straightforward: the more efficient the delivery of high-quality healthcare, the better the results for the injured worker and the employer.

Decades of clinical experience prove that the most influential driver of positive claim outcomes is the appropriate management of time. The onus on the employer is to implement a safety program, timely report all injuries, and accommodate an early return to work. The onus on the injured worker is to comply with safety guidelines and adhere to treatment and return to work protocols. The onus on Salus is to assure appropriate, high-quality medical care is efficiently delivered, to maintain constant communication with all parties, and to capitalize on every opportunity for an early return to work.

When all parties–employer, employee, medical provider, and adjuster–perform their roles, costs can be materially reduced. Salus’ proactive management of decisions and processes maximizes the opportunity to ensure the best outcome and minimize the costs associated with injuries.


More than a slogan, these three words form our guiding principles.

Simple. The best way to lower claim costs is to avoid injuries in the first place.

Smart. When injuries do happen, timely delivery of quality treatment drives the best outcomes.

Fair. Prioritizing recovery and getting workers back on the job is best for everyone.

At Salus, our mission is to provide highly effective, data-driven, workers’ comp claims management delivered with a human touch. We package decades of evidence based results and a comprehensive range of services with a highly personalized customer experience.

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