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The workers' compensation system has become mismanaged and inefficient because the workers compensation insurance delivery system is not aligned with the best interest of the injured worker and the employer.

Salus doesn't just offer better workers compensation injury management services, we are changing the system by aligning our incentives to appropriately manage claims.

Provider Background

Our Founder, Richard Rehm, M.D., is the Founder and former CEO of Concentra, the nation's largest occupational medicine provider. Dr. Rehm’s hands-on provider experience gives us unique insight on how to best manage work related injuries. We've embedded his knowledge into all of our processes and systems, using advanced data-analytics and automated alerting to drive better results.

Salus Claims Protocol

The Salus Claims Protocol ("SCP") is a set of rules developed from decades of experience as the primary care provider treating workplace injuries. These rules are embedded into our claims management systems and adjusting processes to ensure the efficient delivery of care for the injured worker, which in turn, reduces claim duration and claims cost.

SCP Philosophy

Decades of clinical experience prove that the four biggest drivers of positive outcomes (i.e.,lower costs) are:

  1. Implementing a safety and loss control program (the lowest cost injury is the one that never happens)
  2. Reporting injuries as soon as they happen (the difference between reporting an injury the day it occurs versus 72 hours later can result in thousands of dollars of unnecessary costs)
  3. Delivering appropriate medical treatment by designated preferred providers who are experienced in occupational medicine (an injured worker receiving stitches for a laceration in a walk-in clinic versus a hospital emergency room can save thousands of dollars)
  4. Facilitating a flexible return to work program (the longer the claim is open, the higher the indemnity payment costs, the higher the cost of medication, the higher the rate of litigation)

The Salus Claims Protocol is designed to reduce the incidents of injuries, reduce delays in reporting claims, and facilitate timely, appropriate medical care, and return to work.

SCP Results

35%   decrease in ultimate claims losses

20%   increase in claims closed in less than 3 months

20%   decrease in paid losses at 18 months

37%   decrease in days to close claims

59%   decrease in time to return to work

Who we serve

We are a dedicated partner with deep experience & a singular focus.



Our singular focus on on the proper management of workplace injuries maximizes benefits for employers.

By coupling our industry-leading claims management with safety, prevention, and return to work programs, we materially reduce both the costs and duration of claims.

Read how we partnered with a large employer in Texas to reduce lost workdays by 80%.


Our goals are the same: generate savings through an effective cost containment program.

Our captive partners benefit from our aggressive attention to claims management. By ensuring the efficient delivery of quality care, we reduce claims duration and costs well below industry averages.


The combination of decades of experience, individualized programs, personalized customer service, and our proprietary claims management protocol, provide the most benefit to companies in industries that typically experience high claims costs, high claims frequency, or both.

Workers’ compensation

Our sole focus is to provide claims management cost containment for workplace injuries. Our experts help you navigate the complex reporting and regulatory requirements unique to workers’ compensation.

Texas Non-subscriber

Our Dallas based adjusters have more than 25 years of experience delivering exceptional results for Texas non-subscribers. Everything we do is designed to contain and minimize your claims costs while ensuring your injured worker is treated fairly and in accordance with the unique set of non-subscriber rules and regulations.

Occupational Accident

Our Salus Claims Protocol offers the same benefits for occupational accident claims as it does traditional workers' compensation claims.

Licensed states

What we do

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Salus’ experienced claims team collaborates with employers to design and manage integrated work injury programs that deliver material cost savings.

Claims management

When accidents occur, our experienced adjusters guided by our AI developed protocols, deliver specifically tailored management while coordinating with employers, employees and healthcare providers..

Our case specific management guidelines results in faster claims closure and a lower percentage of Indemnity claims.

Return to work

Salus combines our care provider background with extensive workplace injury experience to help employers implement successful return to work programs that significantly reduce lost workdays. By lowering claim durations and minimizing costly litigation, we lower claims costs and reduce lost productivity.

Safety & Prevention

Salus’ certified safety and loss prevention experts proactively work with our new clients to develop injury prevention programs. After conducting an initial safety survey, we recommend individually tailored programs for loss prevention. Moreover, we regularly review accidents that are occurring to look for patterns in the injury occurrences that can be modified to further decrease incidence rates.

Program management

Where applicable, Salus works with an employer's internal claims departments to provide oversight and implement the Salus Claims Protocol into existing workflows and claims systems.


Salus’ real-time collaboration, proactive management and integrated systems ensure workers receive the right care at the right time, improving outcomes and saving money.

Remote triage

Our capability for video based First Report of Injury and video nurse triage calls provide a single 24/7/365 point of contact for the immediate notification of new injuries which is a significant factor in controlling the ultimate cost of an injury.

Provider network

Salus has constructed a proprietary network of providers covering a large portion of the United States. Salus accesses the workers' compensation industry’s largest contracted provider network where appropriate and has expanded that coverage by partnering with thousands of providers who have agreed to the guidance of the SCP. In areas where no preselected provider in available, Salus identifies and contacts the appropriate provider.

Pharmacy network

With nearly 70,000 pharmacy locations combined with mail-order pharmacies in our network, Salus facilitates the timely filling of prescriptions with no-out-of pocket expenses for the injured worker and no financial risk to the employer. Salus receives real-time reporting of what prescriptions are filled and when.

Utilization review

Our utilization review program expedites timely delivery of care and provides defensible, evidence-based guidelines that meet state and URAC standards.

Medical Bill Review

Decades of expertise combined with industry-leading bill review software, allows Salus to negotiate material savings on medical costs, with fast turn around and fewer appeals.

Learn more about our medical bill services

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