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Workers’ injury products that don’t forget the worker.

Workers’ comp insurance Claims management


Simple. Smart. Fair.

More than a slogan, these three words form our guiding principles.

Simple. The best way to lower claims costs is to avoid injuries in the first place.
Smart. When injuries do happen, timely delivery of quality treatment drives the best outcomes.
Fair. Prioritizing recovery and getting workers back on the job is best for everyone.

At Salus, our mission is to provide highly effective, data-driven, workers’ comp insurance – delivered with a human touch. We package decades of proven results and a comprehensive range of services with a highly personalized customer experience.

Our care provider DNA provides the foundation for excellent claims management results, which directly enable us to provide competitive premiums for tough class codes and the customers that need us the most.

 Our underwriting philosophy
 Our safety & prevention programs
 Our claims management protocol
 Our team

Did you know? Salus has reviewed over 300,000 medical bills, saving our customers more than $140 million.

We focus on what matters most, where we can have the greatest impact.

Other insurers may shy away from risks in challenging industries or with a history of frequent claims, but Salus actually seeks companies that can most benefit from, and are willing to participate in, our industry-leading claims management.


Most impactful factors
Our underwriters include the potential impact of the Salus Claims Protocol when determining adjusted premium, which allows us to quote risks that other insurers either won’t quote or can’t quote competitively.

  • Moderate to high claim frequency
  • High percentage of indemnity or lost time claims
  • Commitment to cooperate to improve loss performance
  • Proximity of high-quality network providers
  • At least $15,000 in premium
  • High experience modifiers

Premium discount requirements

  • Implement loss control recommendations
  • Report claims immediately
  • Direct injured workers to preferred providers (where allowed)
  • Accommodate flexible return to work recommendations

Companies that both match Salus’ target profile and agree to 4 simple requirements may be eligible for a 10-20% discount on their final premium. (Click to view our preferred class codes)

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Did you know? The Salus Claims protocol significantly reduces litigation, the most costly claims outcome.
Safety & Prevention

The lowest cost claim is the one that never happens.

Studies show that companies with loss control programs experience up to 42% fewer claims and 48% fewer losses.

Not only can preventive measures lead to lower premiums, but companies can save much more by keeping workers off the sidelines. Hiring, overtime and lost productivity costs add-up quickly. As simple as this seems, many insurers still treat safety programs as reactive measures after a given policyholder reaches a certain loss threshold.

Beginning as early as the underwriting process, Salus proactively engages companies with a wide range of services, from site surveys to interactive multimedia training, designed to provide the maximum benefit with the least disruption to ongoing operations.

Accident prevention services

  • On-site safety surveys
  • Risk assessments & recommendations
  • Risk reduction consulting
  • In-depth accident cause analysis
  • Training programs
  • Industrial hygiene & health services

Request a safety survey

Did you know? Salus’ safety experts have over 28 years of experience, performing over 35,000 assessments annually.
Claims Management

Better care = lower cost

The philosophy behind Salus’ industry-leading claims protocol is straightforward: the more efficient the delivery of high-quality healthcare, the better the results for everyone.

Decades of clinical experience prove that the biggest driver of positive outcomes is the timely delivery of appropriate treatment. Eliminating delays in reporting claims and providing care leads to overall better recovery. Expediting a return to work lowers indemnity payments, reduces productivity losses and improves employee morale.


The Salus Claims Protocol identifies potential roadblocks to the injured worker’s recovery, while simultaneously engaging the worker, the employer, and care providers to expedite each step in the recovery process. Salus partners with employers to encourage early reporting and to establish positive communication with the injured worker. Where permitted by state law, employers also direct injured workers to preferred providers versed in the Salus Claims Protocol.

Return to work

The Salus Claims Protocol encourages returning injured workers to limited or full duty as soon as possible. This not only decreases productivity losses, it also lowers the likelihood of costly litigation and is proven to drive better claims outcomes.1

In order to minimize the adverse effects of an ongoing disability, Salus adjusters work closely with the employer, the injured worker and their healthcare provider to facilitate a prompt return to work plan based on medical condition, physical limitations, and economic and production requirements of the company.

Results 2

20% increase in claims closed in less than 3 months
20% decrease in paid losses at 18 months
37% decrease in days to close
11% decrease in ultimate losses
59% decrease in time to return to work

1. Rising Medical Solutions, 2016 Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study (November 2016)
2. Perr & Knight, Analysis of Salus Impact on Occupational Injury Claims before and after implementing Salus Claims Protocol (October 2018)

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