Better care.
Lower cost.

Superior claims management for workplace injuries.

The philosophy behind Salus’ industry-leading claims protocol is straightforward: the more efficient the delivery of high-quality healthcare, the better the results for everyone.

Decades of clinical experience prove that the biggest driver of positive outcomes is the timely delivery of appropriate treatment. Eliminating delays in reporting claims and providing care leads to overall better recovery.

Expediting a return to work lowers indemnity payments, reduces productivity losses and improves employee morale.


More than a slogan, these three words form our guiding principles.

Simple. The best way to lower claim costs is to avoid injuries in the first place.

Smart. When injuries do happen, timely delivery of quality treatment drives the best outcomes.

Fair. Prioritizing recovery and getting workers back on the job is best for everyone.

At Salus, our mission is to provide highly effective, data-driven, workers’ comp claims management – delivered with a human touch. We package decades of proven results and a comprehensive range of services with a highly personalized customer experience.

Our medical provider DNA provides the foundation for excellent claims management results, which directly enable us to provide competitive premiums for tough class codes and the customers that need us the most.

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